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"There is nothing more enriching than knowing who you are and deeply honouring all that you have to offer..."

About Sara

Sara brings a steady and warm presence supporting her clients to feel safe and comfortable to open up in a confidential space. Her experience working with clients spans over 20 years working in the area of Complementary Medicine. Sara’s qualifications include Bachelor of Health Science (TCM), Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Masters of Women’s Health Medicine and a Certificate in Natural Fertility Education. 

Sara provides an integrative approach to Counselling using techniques including Person-Centred Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness, whilst modifying and tailoring sessions to best support the clients’ individual needs in dealing with a wide range of areas including anxiety, trauma and distress, relationship support, dealing with conflict, navigating health problems, feeling stuck, work life balance and more. Sara is a trauma informed therapist who also has extensive experience in the area of women's health and supporting women with mental health conditions that may arise from women's health disorders or different life stages.

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Sara focuses on supporting clients to feel empowered and in control of their life, their body and their health by reconnecting with their strengths and their innate qualities that often get hidden away as life takes over.  

Sara has moved through her own personal struggles in life and continues to grow and develop, whilst now living a deeply settled and enriched life.

Empowering people to understand and know themselves and their bodies is the foundation of what Sara shares. Her depth of care for people is at the core of her practice and is also what informs her work, her relationships and her life as a whole. True health includes a knowing of one’s worth and living with an inner-settlement, confidence and commitment to life. In understanding that life itself is medicine, means there is no aspect of life that can be exempt from health-care and the whole person needs to be included. This is what Sara lives and therefore works by.

You’ll be met with someone that deeply cares about your wellbeing and will inspire you to do the same. There is nothing more enriching than knowing who you are and deeply honouring all that you have to offer.

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What clients say...

"I have been having sessions with Sara for the past 3 years and am always touched by her ability to support and work with me in a totally unimposing and beautifully supportive way that inspires me to bring more care and tenderness to myself"

EMMA / Brand Manager

"I have been seeing Sara for over 9 years and have always felt supported and understood. Sara is super caring, non judgemental and has an obvious love for people. She has supported me enormously to develop my confidence in my self, to let go of body image ideals and really step into the woman I am. I would highly recommend her to anyone. The environment Sara creates is very nurturing and has always felt like a safe space"

BROOKE / Manager

"Sara is amazing and is so supportive! I would recommend her to anyone seeking support with any aspect of life. Each session is like a hug for your soul - always leave our sessions feeling inspired"

COREEN / Software Engineer

"Working with Sara has been absolutely life changing for me and my health. She has such a special way of educating women on the fertility awareness method, and she always makes you feel seen and heard. I can’t recommend Sara enough"

PAULA / Beauty Therapist

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