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Counselling in Melbourne and Online

Counselling is not just about working through issues; it is about getting to know that your issues are not who you are. True healing can take place when one is offered a space to see behind the issues at hand and beneath the hurts that may arise. This requires working with the human being as a whole, including the body.


Whether you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, have moments or more of anxiety, struggle with work/life balance, have relationship issues, feelings of depression, have low confidence or lack of self-worth, feel stuck and dissatisfied with life, have experienced trauma and distress or simply have a general unease with life, getting professional guidance can support and inspire change.

About Sara's Approach

Sara’s approach to Counselling comes from the foundational fact that everything we live is experienced by the body and that there is an inextricable link between the mind and body.  Developing a relationship with the body in how it feels and what is senses, is paramount when working in the counselling space, supporting people to really get to know themselves and their sensitivity on a much deeper level.


When we are willing to look at and deal with our hurts and struggles, whilst also developing a relationship with our inner-self, we can experience an ease, simplicity and enrichment in life that is in fact natural for us all.  

Areas of support for Counselling include:

Feelings of anxiety

Lack of purpose / meaning in life

Grief / Loss

Lack of self-worth

Low confidence

Relationship support

Fatigue and exhaustion

Trauma & distress

Dealing with conflict

Body Image concerns



Life events

Communication & Expression

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