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For Doctors & Health Professionals

Prioritising Your Patient's Mental Wellness

This page is for GP’s, Medical Specialists, and other Health Professionals such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, etc.

As a general Counsellor & one that specialises in supporting women particularly around impacts of their health, I work complementary to the care that you provide your patients. The current demands in the health industry on practitioners, is widely known and hence there may be wait lists and limited time per consultation for patients needing care. This is a reality of the current times we live in and therefore imperative that as health professionals, we work together to support people through a shared care model with the client’s health and wellbeing needs at the center of our approach.

Lifestyle Medicine & Behaviour Change

Clients will often come to the clinic having received advice from a doctor or health professional, saying they need to deal with stress in order to improve their health and mental health. Yet other than attending a yoga class or a meditation class, they are unsure how to make a sustainable and lasting change and need ongoing support to change ingrained behaviours that are generating the stress and anxiety they may be experiencing. This may involve taking a close look at sleep patterns; eating habits; work patterns; quality of relationships; sense of self-worth; family dynamics; parenting support; and more.

These case studies below are examples of how clients have benefited from Counselling, Lifestyle Medicine & Behaviour Change. These examples are taken from experience and are not based on any particular person. Photos are also for the purpose of visually representing the case study – they are not actual clients.

60 year old woman.png
Case Study 1

Post-Menopausal Woman in her 60’s has feelings of depression and anxiety. You recognise it is not clinical depression she is experiencing but needs support to feel connected in her community and with herself as a woman who is moving into the later stages of life. She has a lot of body changes, as well as changes in her role within family with her now adult children living interstate. Counselling can support by addressing the underlying factors of depression and anxiety that could possibly be wrapped up in her identity as a mother, no longer being needed in the way she used to be, not feeling worthy or desirable and supporting her to re-establish herself and feel confident in who she is as a woman in her 60’s.

Case Study 2

A 55-year-old male is not happy in his relationship and is noticing his frustrations, temper and anger are becoming more prevalent at work and at home. He often feels stressed, unfulfilled and has trouble sleeping. He has come to a GP appointment looking for direction unsure of how to deal with the situation that he feels may be getting worse. Counselling can be a great support in exploring the root cause of patterns of frustration and anger, as well as ways to deal with stress in a sustainable and lasting way. The stress and anger/frustration both feed into each other, so Counselling sessions can include psychoeducation on how this works perpetuating a viscous cycle resulting in feelings of unfulfillment.

55 year old male.png
Case Study 3
30's Couple.png

A 35-year-old female and 36-year-old male have a 4-year-old boy who was conceived naturally with no problems. They have been trying to conceive for nearly 12 months now with no success. They have both been working high stress jobs as well as navigating parenting and it is evident that their relationship is strained and need support. A Counsellor who works with couples and has experience in fertility can be of great benefit in this situation. The fertility journey is one that really requires both partners to be aligned and supportive of one another as this is the foundation that holds all aspects of their lives, including work, parenting, home-life and the added pressure of trying to conceive. With support, a Counsellor can facilitate this re-connection, as well as support the couple to explore the factors contributing to stress and what needs to be adjusted by way of lifestyle.

Case Study 4

A 28-year-old woman has been diagnosed with PCOS. She is averse to going on the pill or using any other hormonal contraceptive devices. She is slightly overweight, works a high stress job and doesn’t eat home cooked meals very often. She admits to not really knowing how to take better care of herself and whilst she tries dieting, nothing seems to work because she tends to yo-yo in and out of different health fads. She’s unsure why she doesn’t seem to have the commitment to stick to anything. A Counsellor who understands women’s health can be a huge support for this woman. Behaviour change is not an overnight exercise and requires in depth exploration of what is fueling the unwanted behaviours in order to bring about consistency. Supporting this woman to bring more awareness to her cycle can bring about a sense of connection to her body rather than feeling out of control and at the mercy of it. Psychoeducation on PCOS and how lifestyle changes can greatly support can also offer inspiration rather than being at a loss and stuck in the identification of a diagnosis.  

28 year old female.png

Areas that Counselling can support:

  • Anxiety

  • Grief/loss

  • Perinatal anxiety/depression

  • Stress management

  • Trauma & distress

  • Birth Trauma

  • Parenting support

  • Low confidence

  • Relationships/Couples

  • IVF/Fertility concerns

  • Menopausal transition

  • And more...

Health Rebates

Sara is a Counsellor, not a Psychologist. She is registered as a Level 2 practitioner with the Australian Counselling Association. Some private health fund rebates will apply. 

As such, prices are adjusted accordingly. 

Locations in Melbourne & Online

  • Armadale

  • Caulfield North

  • Online

Get in touch

Sara is always available to chat about potential referrals to see if they are a good fit. 

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