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Women's Health Counselling & Coaching

Women's Health Counselling & Coaching

As women, there can be so much that we experience in regards to our health and in simply being a woman. Women’s Health Coaching can provide professional guidance and support, working in conjunction with your medical practitioners and specialists or other health care providers. 


Sara is an experienced Counsellor with a Masters of Women's Health Medicine - she is not a medical doctor and does not provide medical advice. She does support with education, lifestyle medicine and behaviour change, as well addressing the impacts on mental health to work in collaboration with your medical supports. 

A recent meta-analysis of studies of women with endometriosis found that more than two-thirds (68%) had mild or high psychological stress. The authors recommended that treatment should include mental health support. 

Sara’s approach is founded on many years of experience working with women, as well as her own personal unfolding of her own relationship with her body and her understanding of what it means to be a woman, moving through all the different phases of life that we do. Such as puberty, our fertile years, mothering, perimenopause & post-menopause. Sara comes from the understanding that there is so much for us to embrace. 

Women's Health Counselling

Perinatal & Infant Mental Health


Perinatal & infant mental health counselling provides specialised and holistic support for parents and caregivers during the pregnancy period, postpartum, and infancy. It helps to address a range of issues associated with the transition to motherhood, such as difficulty bonding with baby, depression, anxiety, and relationship stress. We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to help you navigate the challenges of this important life stage.

Perinatal Loss


We provide support and guidance to those who have experienced the loss of a baby before, during, or shortly after birth. We understand the unique grief associated with this experience and provide compassionate care to help you process the emotions and move forward. We are here to provide a safe and understanding environment to help you on your journey of healing.

Navigating Menopause


Menopause Counselling offers individual counselling for women experiencing physical and psychological changes associated with menopause. Our experienced counsellors provide a safe and supportive environment to help you understand and better cope with the physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes that occur during this time. With appropriate support, women can maximise all that this very rich stage of life has to offer. 

Navigating PMS & PMDD


We offer specialised counselling services for those struggling with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). We provide education on the cycle, hormones and the link with your mental health. We support with lifestyle changes to appropriately deal with the challenges of these conditions from a mental health and wellbeing perspective. It is about empowering you to know and understand your body rather than be at the mercy of it.

What women say...


I came to find Sara when seeking an understanding of my body and my cycle and wanting to learn more about fertility awareness. Working with Sara has supported my understanding in the importance of self nurturing and supporting my body through charting my cycle, which as given my a greater confidences in my self as a woman.
I Highly recommend working with Sara if you as seeking support in woman health.


Sara has offered me a whole new insight and understanding of my fertility, menstrual cycles and all of the topics surrounding it. Sessions with her have made it so clear to me that there is so much more to my health (as a woman) than what I have ever been taught or knew about. Especially her Fertility Awareness Program has changed my entire relationship with my cycle and body completely and that was just the start of it.

PAULA / Student

About Sara's Approach

In some regards, a woman’s health can be complex and yet at the same time, when we bring connection and education to the table, it is very simple. Sara works from the foundational understanding that every woman has the capacity to feel deeply settled and that this is her natural state. In working with any area of a woman’s health, the development of her relationship with her body is key, so that she may feel empowered rather than at the mercy of her body or what she is experiencing.


As a Fertility Awareness Educator, Sara also supports women and couples with evidence-based natural contraception options as well as support with trying to conceive. 

Areas of support for Women's Health Coaching include:

  • Fertility Awareness Method – for conception and contraception

  • Preconception

  • Fertility / Infertility / IVF

  • Relationship trauma

  • Navigating puberty

  • Navigating conditions such as – Endometriosis, PCOS, Period Pain, PMS, etc

  • Navigating Perimenopause & Menopause

  • Navigating the health system

  • Health Trauma

  • Birth trauma

  • Grief/Loss

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